Cawley Farmhouse, Knockahoney, County Sligo, photo taken 2011
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About John Walsh and Bridget Cawley

John "Jack" Walsh, possibly son of Patrick Walsh, and Bridget Cawley were both born in the Townland of Knockahoney, County Sligo, Ireland. Although exact birth or death dates are not known for either, from various documents, John was born c1830 and died before the 1901 Irish Census. Bridget Cawley Walsh was born c1840 and was alive and listed in the 1911 Irish Census, possibly dying in 1919.

They had nine children: Mary (b 1858), Patrick (b 1860), John (b1864), Anne (b 1867), Catherine (b 1870), James (b 1872), Bridget (b 1875), Danny (b 1878) and Ellen (b 1881-d 1941).

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Walsh-Cawley marriage record 1857

John Walsh and Bridget Cawley were married at St. Attracta Church, Kilmactigue Catholic Parish, located in Tourlestrane, County Sligo.

February 14, 1857

Contracting Parties
Ioannes (John) Walsh
Brigida (Briget) Cawley

4 degree X 4 degree consanguinity

Ioannes (John) Cawley
Jacobus (James) Kilmartin

Of note, "4 degree X 4 degree consanguinity" means that John and Bridget were first cousins.

St. Attracta Church, 2011


National Library of Ireland, Kilmactigue, Microfilm 04226/10;
accessed September 19, 2018

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bridget Cawley Walsh, 1901 Irish Census

In the 1901 Irish Census, Bridget Cawley Walsh is listed as a widow. It is not known when her husband, John Walsh, died. His date of death is assumed to be sometime after 1881, the birth year of their youngest daughter, Ellen (1881-1941), and before this 1901 Census.

The census page is from Knockahoney, Banada, County Sligo. Note that Bridget is unable to write and signs the census sheet with an "X."

At the time of the census, three children were still at home, John, James and Onney. I am not sure who "Onney" is, perhaps is should be Anney, but Anney Walsh would be 33 or so in 1901.

In addition, on the day of the census there is a visitor, Martin Maye. I don't know who he is, perhaps a nephew or grandson.

By 1911, only the son, James, is living with his mother Bridget Walsh. When I was in Ireland in 2011, a second cousin, Patrick O'Hara, told me that James, who was called Jim Sean i.e., Jim son of Sean/John, lived on the Walsh property until his death and never married.

Source: The National Archives of Ireland. 1901 Irish Census, Townland: Knockahoney, ED: Banada, County Sligo, Number on Form B: 3.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Location of Farmland in Knockahoney, County Sligo

In the 1857/58 Griffith's Valuation for Tobercurry, County Sligo, there were four Caulys (Cawleys) and four Walshes living in Knockahoney.

The map below shows where I believe Patrick Walsh (possible father of John (Jack) Walsh) raised his family in the mid-1800s.  The plot of land next to the Walsh land was occupied by a James Cauly (Cawley) at that time. I believe James Cawley is the possible father of Bridget Cawley who became the wife of John (Jack) Walsh.

When I was in Ireland in 2011, I remember my second cousin, Patrick O'Hara, standing on the Walsh (now O'Hara) property and pointing to the field and house next door and saying that is where Bridget Cawley lived with her brother Anthony.

I have just written to Patrick O'Hara to have him confirm the location of the two plots of land.

Also, of note on the map, is the piece of property marked as "McIntyre" in Lislea.  The daughter of John Walsh and Bridget Cawley, Ellen Walsh, married Thomas McIntyre, who was born on this piece of property in 1878. Thomas and Ellen are my grandparents. You can read more about the McIntyre/Walsh union on a separate blog.

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Map Image Source: Ask About Ireland,
Page Image Source: Griffith's Valuation for County Sligo, Parish of Kilmacteige, Knockahoney, page 116.

Baptisms of the Children of Jack Walsh and Bridget Cawley

The children of Jack Walsh and Bridget Cawley that have been located were all baptized at St. Attracta Church in Toulestrane, Civil Parish of Kilmacteige, County Sligo.

In 2000, I transcribed the information from the parish register of baptisms 1845-1880, microfilm #0926015, Mormon Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.  In 2014, added images and indexes to its database covering the years 1864-1912.

All infants lived in the Townland of Knockahoney when baptized.

Walsh, Mary
Parents: John Walsh and Bridget Cawley
Date: January 12, 1858
Sponsors: Michael Cunnie and Bridget Reid

Walsh, Patrick
Parents: John Walsh and Bridget Cawley
Date: April 21, 1860
Sponsors: Austin Cawley and Anne Reid

Walsh, John
Parents: John Walsh and Bridget Cawley
Date: May 30, 1864
Sponsors: Michael Walsh and Mary Walsh

Walsh, Anne
Parents: John Walsh and Bridget Walsh
Date: October 27, 1867
Sponsors: John Walsh and Bridget Walsh

Walsh, Catherine
Parents: John Walsh and Bridget Cawley
Date: March 28, 1870
Sponsors: Thomas Cawley and Bridget Walsh

Walsh, James
Parents: Jack Walsh and Bridget Cawley
Date: July 14, 1872
Sponsors: Anthony Cawley and Mary Cunney

Walsh, Bridget
Parents: John Walsh and Bridget Cawley
Date: August 1, 1875
Sponsors: Michael Cawley and Bridget Kilmartin

Walsh, Danny
Parents: Jack Walsh and Bridget Cawley
Date: November 11, 1878
Sponsors: Pat Kilmartin and Catherine(?) Cunney

Walsh, Ellen
Parents: John Walsh and Bridget Cawley
Date: October 26, 1881
Sponsors: Thomas Cawley and Bridget Cawley

Ellen Walsh's Baptismal Record, 1881 just put up thousands of Irish church records.  I finally found my grandmother's baptismal record, June 19, 1881.  Yea!

Tourlestrane Parish, County Sligo. Baptismal Record, 1881. Page 43, entry 34., accessed March 14, 2014

The last entry on the page reads:


19    John Walsh                                                   Thomas Cawley
        Bridget Carney (sic)       Ellen                        Bridget Cawley           Knockahoney

Thomas and Bridget Cawley were Ellen's godparents.

Of note: During the first couple of decades when civil birth certificates were required to be filed within 3 months of a birth, or be fined, many parents gave the birthdate of their child much later than actual.  In Ellen's case, her birthdate is recorded as  October 12, 1881 on her civil birth certificate, yet she was baptized on June 19, 1881.  Just love the Irish!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Walsh Home, Knockahoney, Co. Sligo

On the Walsh farm in Knockahoney, Civil Parish Kilmacteige, County Sligo, there are two homes, one in front of the other.  The newer home, now abandoned, was build c1940s.  The home in the rear, where James Walsh, Ellen's brother lived until he died, has deteriorated and is now overgrown with vegetation.

Remains of the older home where James Walsh, brother of Ellen Walsh McIntyre and Bridget Walsh O'Hara lived until his death.  I believe also the house occupied by John Walsh and Bridget Cawley Walsh the parents of Jim, Bridget and Ellen

House build in the 1940s occupied by Bridget Walsh O'Hara and Austin O'Hara

You can see the older home is behind the one built in the 1940s.

Patrick O'Hara, great grandson of John "Jack" Walsh and Bridget Cawley Walsh, still plows the land, bringing hay back to his home in Kilbride, Co. Sligo.

Photos courtesy: Elaine McIntyre Beaudoin, July 2011

Bridget Cawley Walsh, 1911 Irish Census

In the 1911 Irish Census, Bridget Cawley Walsh is living on the Walsh farm with her son James.  The farm is pictured elsewhere on this Blog. Note the name Walsh is spelled with an ending "e."

1911 Irish Census, Knockahoney, ED Banada, County Sligo.

She reports she is 72 years old giving a birth date around 1839.  She also states she has given birth to nine children with only 7 currently living. It is noted that she speaks both Irish and English but given she "signed" the census sheet with her "X" she couldn't write.

Source of image: 1911 Census of Ireland, Knockahoney, Poor Law Union: Tubbercurry; Electoral Division: Banada, County Sligo, 69/16. National Archives of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland.  Located online at: